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We Provide you all second hand Furniture, Electronical Appliances &  Many other articles and equipment.

AfricaIMG Depot-Vente was first developed to assist our Real Estate Clients, the expatriate families, by selling their furniture, electrical appliances and other articles bought new and used during the leasing of houses / apartments usually 1-3 years.

AfricaIMG Depot-Vente now sells second-hand furniture, used electronic appliances, house fittings, decorative household products and general goods for House Owners, Building Contractors, Hotels, Guest House, Restaurants and companies renovating their office space, showroom or selling outdated stocks.


To provide a trusted and convenient platform for individuals to buy and sell high-quality second-hand items, promoting sustainability and reducing waste by extending the lifespan of pre-loved products.



To be the leading marketplace for second-hand items, fostering a culture of sustainability, affordability, and community engagement. We strive to connect buyers and sellers in a safe and user-friendly environment, creating a positive impact on the environment and society by promoting the circular economy and reducing consumption of new products. Our vision is to empower individuals to make conscious choices, while fostering a sense of belonging and social responsibility among our users.

Have a look at our previously sold products and current products glimpse.

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Currently our second-hand store sells the following type of merchandise

All home furniture including bed, wardrobe, dining table, sofa, etc.

Office Furniture
Typist / Executive chairs, file cabinet, computer table, office table, conference table, etc.

Construction / Hardware Materials
Tiles, flush doors, metal / alluminium openings, etc

Gardening and light duty tools.

Goods with rarity value

Babies / Children products